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Our Packaging

We loved the name Quail because for us, it feels natural and down to earth, which is exactly the kind of brand we've always strived to be.

Packaging is such a massive part of branding nowadays. It not only needs to look amazing, but it also needs to be environmentally friendly, because lets face it, most of it will be thrown away at some point. 
This is why we have used 100% compostable courier bags from an amazing New Zealand company R3Pack. Every order is wrapped in crisp white tissue paper and sealed with our paper Quail sticker. 

Once your package reaches you, and after you've excitedly opened it up like we all do when a parcel arrives, go ahead and recycle the tissue packaging and courier label and pop the mailer bag in the compost (remember to remove the non-toxic adhesive glue strip beforehand).
For any further information on our packaging, head over to R3Pack to read through their FAQs. They've done a great job and we are so glad to be able to support them in changing the way we send our parcels!